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Helpful Hints on
. Preparation of Requisitions .
Key Telephone Numbers:
Main telephone     (313) 577-3734
Fax telephone       (313) 577-3747
Requisitions Fax   (313) 577-3360
Purchasing Links:
Check Your Req
Bid Opportunities with the University
Account Codes for Banner
Commodity Listing
Clause Codes for Banner
Commodity Codes for Banner
Copier Ordering Procedures
Customer Service Survey
Debarred Vendor List
Desktop Computer Ordering
Emergency Vendor Contacts
E P O  Authorized List
FORMS for Purchasing (downloadable)
Helpful Requisitioning Hints
Imaged Purchase Orders Instructions
Minority Conference 10- 08- 2009
Minority & Woman Owned Businesses
Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium (MLSPC)
Moving / Relocation Agencies Approved by Purchasing
On-Line Product Catalogs
On-Line University Partners
Prevailing Wage Rates
Procard Website
Project One Team / Wayne State & Pepsi
Promotional Goods Companies
Purchasing Department Policies 
RAPP Training
RAPP Reports
Surplus Property (for sale)
Special Approvals
Supplier Diversity Program
Temporary Agencies Approved by Purchasing
Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders
University Departmental Directory
Vendor Set Up Request Form
WSU  Home Page
Joan M. Gossman,  C.P.M.
Director: (313)  577-3733

Kenneth Doherty,  C.P.M.
Associate  Director: (313)  577-3756 

Cutting Through the  Red  Tape

Our Mission
The mission of the Purchasing Department is to provide an efficient, effective acquisition process to support our customers in their endeavors to achieve the University's research, teaching and service mission and to perform these functions with the highest degree of ethics and integrity.

Our mission is accomplished through market research and contract negotiation for best value;  by expediting, problem solving and conflict resolution on all procurement issues; by upholding University policies and by educating those we serve on the options we offer in both speed and savings to fulfill their needs.
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